Fall Party

Children dress in their favorite costumes and enjoy a morning of fun with special snacks, crafts, games, and a costume parade. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend this special day.


For the month of November, our preschool class transforms into a Native American tribe complete with feather headbands and tom-toms. Learning units on history of Thanksgiving are taught leading up to a special snack of “Native American” foods served as a “cornucopia” before Thanksgiving break.


A “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” celebration is planned with parents and grandparents invited. Our preschool class presents a program of singing, saying Bible verses, and poems. Afterwards, there are special snacks to eat, crafts to make, games to play, and a fun Christmas gift exchange between the children.

Groundhog Day

Preschoolers learn about the groundhog, predict whether the groundhog will see his shadow or not, play groundhog games, sing groundhog songs, make a groundhog craft, and eat a groundhog snack.

Valentine’s Day

Our class makes their own Valentine card holders, brings Valentine cards for each other, and enjoys a special party just for them.

Pajama Day

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our preschool class wears their pajamas to school along with bringing a blanket, pillow, and favorite stuffed animal.

“I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today!”

The preschoolers have their very own “snowball” fight and enjoy a fun day of being at school in p.j.’s.

Cowboy Day

A special unit on Cowboys is taught and a special “Cowboy Day” is planned for the preschool class. Dressing up as cowboys or cowgirls, eating trail mix, playing “cowboy” games, doing “cowboy” crafts are all a part of the fun on this day.

March Lion Day

For the month of March, our preschoolers use an interactive calendar to determine whether each day is a “lion” or a “lamb” day. Graphing skills are used as the calendar is completed. At the end of March, the preschoolers make their own “Lion” snack to eat.

Green Day

In the middle of March, the preschoolers enjoy “Green Day.” Everyone wears green, and the preschoolers eat “Green Eggs and Ham” while watching the Dr. Seuss video.
Green crafts and games about green are played to make this a special day.


A fun day is planned before Easter with special snacks, crafts, and an emphasis on the real meaning of Easter. The children enjoy participating in an Easter egg hunt at the end of their morning.

End-of-the-Year Party

At the end of our preschool year in May, a large themed party is planned for our preschoolers and their families. Certificates of completion of preschool are handed out in a special program for our preschoolers. Themes that have been used over the years are Circus, Tropical, Cowboy, and Safari. Games and food for this special day are all geared to the theme of that year’s party. It’s a very special day and a special way to say “goodbye” for the summer.